: D EYE Y : yarn wall hanging


  1. What you need: buy some yarn in 1 or 2 colors that you like (I used this & this). Next, go stick hunting in your back yard or if you want a cleaner look you can buy some wooden dowels (get here). lastly, grab some scissors.
  2. Decide about how long you want your yarn to hang down, and then double that number. thats how long you need each piece of yarn to be because you will fold it in half for 2 lines of hanging yarn. (I used bundles of 5 pieces of yarn so 10 strands hang down, but you can use any amount).
  3. Place the yarn as pictured in #2 and loop it onto the stick. tighten the yarn well at the top and voila! it’s that easy. Continue down the stick until you have the amount of yarn you want. I have seen a lot of yarn hangings trimmed straight at the bottom, or into patterns, but I was feelin the way mine naturally ended up because obviously I ended up not measuring accurately. — hope you enjoy! 🙂


This is a super easy DIY for any age, also the possibilities are endless!

xo averi

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