Lettering Services

Calligraphy // Hand Lettering Services:

:: Contact for Pricing // averiwithaneye@gmail.com ::

Envelope Addressing

  • Outer Envelope
  • Inner Envelope
  • Return Address
  • Reply Address

Place Cards/Escort Cards

  • Paper
  • Watercolor backgrounds
  • Marble Hexagons
  • Tiles
  • Leaves
  • Agate Slices
  • Any surface you can dream up!

Wedding Signage (Chalkboards, Mirrors, Acrylic, Wood)

  • Welcome Signs
  • Bar Menus
  • Guestbook Signs
  • Program Signs
  • Seating Charts
  • Table Numbers
  • Any other signage you can dream up!

Invitation Design

Works with you to create an invitation suite that is unique and fully encompasses you as a couple while incorporating key elements of your day. Offering the best quality papers and printing services, and can even handle assembly to eliminate one more thing from your to-do list!

Graphic Design Services

  • Logo Design
  • Program Design
  • Menu Design
  • Table Numbers
  • Spot Calligraphy
  • Prints

Custom Prints

Live Calligraphy at Events

  • I love doing live calligraphy at events! I can personalize prints, post cards, bags, or whatever your event is promoting. Contact for more info.


Contact for Pricing // averiwithaneye@gmail.com