: caught my eye : PUGS!


Confession: I am obsessed with PUGS! I even have two crazy pugs of my own. I love all things pugs, so I thought I would make a list of cute items that I have seen around the web that caught my eye. I know that they are all slightly ridiculous, but in like a cute, fun way…right?  I will also introduce you to my pugs Luna and Nala after I tell you where you can get these crazy pug themed items.

1. pug necklace | fab

2. pug purse | etsy

3. pug locket | etsy

4. pug phone case | urban outfitters

5. ‘home is where your pug is’ print | red bubble

6. pug stud earrings | mod cloth

7. pug tail pillow | etsy

8. pugs & pastries print | etsy

9. pug nail art | etsy

10. pug socks | top shop

ok, so these are my stinkers Luna and Nala – I thought they should be introduced, since they will probably be making many appearances on this blog. Luna is the fawn one and Nala is the black one! 🙂




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