: D eye Y : Gold Dinosaurs


What you need:

  • Plastic Toy Dinosaurs
  • Gold Nail Polish – I used  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Golden-I (Triceratops) & Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Go for Gold (Brontosaurus) Thank god I watched Land Before Time as a kid because I am still shocked at my self that I knew the dino’s names off the top of my head. (P.s. I liked the Golden-I better because it was a more shiny gold )

So its pretty straight forward, go buy some awesome gold nail polish and some toy dinosaurs, (or whatever toy you want to paint gold!) and you have a fun accent piece for your fireplace or side table, or a fun little jewelry holder! I bought my toy dinosaurs from the dollar section of Target about a year ago not really having any idea why I bought them, so obviously I decided I would paint them gold. Hope you enjoy!

dinos-in-blubes-2 obviously they like to roam through the Bluebonnets 🙂


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